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What about being A WRITER?

Start writing your own book, enhance in it, share it with friends and family, let them listen to it.

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Choose from recommended books, search online for other, upload your own book with any category you want, no limitation!

In number of languages we cover, we are second to None!

So far we cover 18 languages -English, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Urdu, Spanish, Malayalam, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Greek and Bengali - and we are adding more!

Start building your loved one's knowledge

Let your kids listen to books from any culture just search or upload it and let Shahrzad take care of the rest.

No more vision problem keeps you

As there is no restrictions on book type, even with vision problem you can enjoy listen to your books once again.

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Your library and progress is saved online, so no need to keep using one device.

We are free

So far all our services are free, but not for long so join ASAP!

What's Amazing About Shahrzad

  • Using AI to transform books.
  • Different background music tracks to our storytelling.
  • Working with PDF, EPUB & TXT format.
  • Search for books in more than 30 libraries inside the app.
  • Cover books in 18 Languages.
  • Translate books from any language to our 18 supported languages.
  • Operate with 6 Languages.
  • Dynamically partition books.
  • Your library and progress are saved.
  • Many ways to easily register.